Achilleas Accessories

Industry: Women’s Branded Clothing & Accessories

When women’s style acquires identity.Women’s style has an identity and is none other than Achilleas Accessories.

Starting in 1978 as the first handkerchief shop in Athens, it quickly emerged, with quality, variety and original choices, as the first company in Greece to deal with accessories.

Claiming a leading position in the field of fashion, clothing and accessories, in addition to physical stores throughout the country, Achilleas Accessories maintains its online store serving orders inside and outside Greece.

Moreover, Achilleas Accessories is a brand that aims to continuously expand the network of its partners, which takes care to facilitate, giving them the ability to order through the existing site

About the project

Constantly studying both the current trends of e-Commerce and the modern users’ expectations, an upgrade was made from Magento 1 to Magento 2, thus offering the best possible online shopping experience.

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

Counting three years of perfect cooperation, we continue to set common goals, work on them and see them achieved.
Starting from the women’s accessories, Achilleas Accessories, in the long run, further expanded its collection to women’s clothing, thus further developing its target audience. This expansion, created the need for further promotion, both through the e-shop and through marketing strategies.

Design & Development

The design of the online store of Achilleas Accessories stands out for the intense color palette and the vintage version in typography. Photographic material and fonts compose the canvas of the company’s digital image and create a modern and simple aesthetic. An aesthetic that can be seen in the company’s clothes, with its distinctive pattern.
The Achilleas Accessories product page triggers the visitor through the product photos while easily, at a glance, can easily see all the information right from the gallery without scrolling more than once.


Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


It is important for us to develop more than just a partnership with each of our clients. With mutual respect and a common vision for the future, we study, plan, organize and implement our strategy together, ensuring that it is constantly adapted and follows the developments and requirements of the market. Thus, together we can achieve each of our goals and constantly walk towards the creation and achievement of new ones.

Goals & Vision

Before creating any of our strategies, we consider it is necessary to study the brand, as well as its vision and mission. Thus, we analyze the market in which it operates and targets, extracting useful data for us, regarding both the internal and external environment of the company.

Our strategy was initially aimed at increasing the brand’s recognition in the Fashion Industry, thus making it known to the target audience that Achilleas Accessories is not just in accessories. Instead, it gives identity to the women’s style, through a complete collection of both women’s clothing and accessories.

Our additional goals are those related to the increase of users and new users who visit the website, and of course to increase transactions and revenue, thus allowing us to constantly develop our digital marketing strategy, constantly achieving even more.


As it becomes necessary to find our audience and communicate with them in the best way exactly on the channels that are active and available, we take care to create and promote the best content. By conducting Keyword Research, we proceed to the appropriate Performance Marketing actions, in order to highlight the respective categories based on seasonality. We also utilize e-mail marketing, as a very powerful channel that allows us to communicate not only directly, but also effectively with our target audience, while achieving an increase in CTR.


Studying the metrics of three years of cooperation with the brand, they mark a significant increase, constantly working for a much more profitable future. (3 YEARS)

The Success Story