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Google Remarketing

The team of DigitalUp is certified by Google.

We use Google Remarketing as it has the ability to reach again the users who visited our website but did not complete any action – target (eg purchase, phone, etc.).

But the most important thing is that we are given the opportunity to reach out to these users again and show them relevant ads with personalized messages, with the main goal of continuing the action they did not complete.

When, for example, a visitor enters our e-shop and sees some products or reaches the shopping cart but does not complete his purchase, then we can follow him to the various sites of the Google network that he will visit. There we remind him of our presence by showing him targeted ads with specific products but also the appropriate message in order to urge him to complete his purchase.

How many times and for how long we’ll display the ad, depends on the category of the client we have undertaken to do Remarketing. It’s a targeted add because it follows customers who are ready to buy. A properly rigged Remarketing Campaign may increase the ROI.