E-Shop Development

Magento-2 logo

E-shop on the award winning
Magento 2 platform

Magento 2 is an open source platform for building an e-shop, which offers great flexibility and many expansion capabilities.

Responsive Design

E-shop with responsive design for tablet and mobile

The increase in sales of smartphones and tablets makes it imperative to build an e-shop with Responsive Design.


E-shop with interconnection to skroutz and best price

The interconnection of your e-shop to sites with price comparison results to easier, quicker, simple and more direct visiting by customers to your e-shop.

E-shop SEO Friendly in Search Engines

An attractive, well-structured and SEO friendly E-shop with a highlight on search engines is high traffic.The e-shop that we make is optimized for all search engines.

E-shop connected to ERP program

The interface of E-shop with ERP gives the possibility to automatically inform the e-shop about the availability of the products and the ease of registering the products in a single system.

E-shop High Performance Mode

The complete solutions we provide to our customers make us stand out!
At DigitalUp, we design, build and promote E-shop of high standards to increase your sales.

Online store with shipping update

At the E-shop with a shipping update, customers will be informed by sms or e-mail about their order and will be able to monitor their progress so they know the time of delivery and feel confident about their order.

E-shop with a check-out page

Studies have shown that 70% of those who reach the shopping cart do not complete their purchase and leave.By building an E-shop with a checkout page we reduce this percentage and increase our sales.

E-shop on a fast and reliable server

Hosting E-shop on a reputable and fast 24-hour server gives you the confidence that your e-shop will run smoothly and delays 365 days a year.