Site Development

Site Development

For us in DigitalUp, every Web Site design, the creation of an e-shop and every single project we undertake, in general, from the construction of a website to the creation of a Facebook Business Page is a unique challenge, just as unique your business and its demands in the field of Internet Marketing are for you. The proper design of a Web Site or an e-shop is the first step and perhaps the most important for you to properly display your products and services to the world of Internet Marketing.


Web Design

The most important in Web Design, are not the colors and images on our website. It is to keep an eye on the new trends and developments, so that we can have a dynamic website timely and well designed for the user – visitor. The creation of a site not only for business but also for its customers. The simplicity in the design of a website and the usability to create an e-shop, make user experience single and relaxing.

Web Redesign

In the world of Digital Marketing everything changes very quickly. What was ‘fashionable’ and considered advanced last year, this year will be replaced by something new, more modern. If you believe that your website looks outdated and suspect that your competitors’ respective websites look better than yours, rather it is time to do something that will improve your site and therefore the image that displays your internet business.

Web Development

Web Development, is the next phase of the design, the creation of your website. In DigitalUp, we build your website or on your e-shop, according to your company’s needs, using practices that ensure our safety / reliability in use, diversification and usability. Think how bad it is for a professional with seasonality unable or still spends a lot of time to change his window’s business.

Web Hosting

In DigitalUp we provide you Hosting in reliable and safe Servers, ensuring and preventing malicious acts in your site. The right choice of a Web Server is one of the most important factors for the correct, reliable and fast operation and our Hosting contemporaries Server, ensures high response speed. We offer you a comprehensive protection package offering:

Web Content

Content is the King! The content is the reason why visitors come to the pages you create online. Unfortunately, many designers and programmers in creating websites, forget it in their rush, to design a beautiful website or one with better interactivity or the best design.


The word «Usability» is one of those “magical” words who dreams every site administrator or e-shop to connect it with the structure of his creation. The “language” of the Internet, the word “Usability” means and describes a set of rules that transform sites …

User Experience

The UX (known as User Experience) is essentially the ultimate goal of a site or an e-shop. It is the overall user experience when visiting a site or e-shop. An experience which is complex and depends on multiple factors, foremost of which is the clear (Usability). As mentioned above, the UX is complex.

User Interface

The main characteristic of User Interface Design, is to give importance to the overall experience enjoyed by the user while navigating in a website. We must bear in mind that we do not want to simply impress a user, but to lead him to our goal. The study of the public must take it seriously.