about us

We grow when our clients grow!

This is why we are interested in selling the E-shop we manufacture. The Sites we create are unique and liked by the customers of our customers and by our own customers.


Our services include

– We will deal with changes in your site or in your e-shop
– We will reply back the phone or your e-mail
– We will ensure your proper viewing in all Social Media
– We will send report ranking for your SEO campaign
– We will send report for your Google campaign
– We will visit at least once every month to draw together the strategy for the following month
– We will inform you about your conversions in Google Adwords
– We will send you report from Google Analytics
– We will design the Mail Marketing Mix and we will send you a detailed report

By using modern tools and methods we can obtain the current status of each client – partner and in cooperation with them, to set goals for the development of the next year. We not only sell Internet Marketing services, but also we plan strategy along with our customers, planning Business Plan and P & L when we are requested, to correctly evaluate the investment and be chosen based on the ROI of each investment.

Our target market are medium and large companies across the country who want to grow in Greece and abroad. With modern tools we can show you how many people search for your products and services, with which words and keyword phrases per month, in Greece and in every country you want to promote your products. We discover for you the market trends in local and global level, so you can make the right strategic decisions for your business. Furthermore, we can show you what is the barometer and the trend in consumer behavior in Greece and also in any target country you want. For example, do you know that in Greece 8% of men under 40 years old buy cosmetics online, and 30% of them do an online and offline research before they buy, while the corresponding rates for women under 40 years is 12% and 37%?


And our most important weapon

Our People

The living power of each company! It is the only element that can not be copied from any competitor! The staffing is done in two main areas: the first relates executives with deep knowledge of sales and Digital Marketing, with years of experience in business administration in Greek and multinational companies. The second, with young people aware of the new technologies, new media and their implementation. This blending of experience and knowledge, with the freshness and new technological reality, combined with our appetite for productivity and hard work is and will be our competitive advantage.

Dionisis Papanikolaou
Team Leader of Development or "The Doc"
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Konstantinos Karamouzis
Mid Full Stack Developer or "Dino Kar"
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Laura Ardelean
Frontend Developer or "Laura"
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Giorgos Efstratiou
Web Developer
Favorite emoji:

Eleftheria Manthati
Web Developer or "The ice-cream girl"
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Renos Perdiaris
Customer Support Specialist
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Maria Oikonomidi
Customer Support Speialist or "Maraki"
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Vaios Gkouspountinoudis
Customer Support Specialist
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Dimitris Andrianakis
Web Developer or "Jimbo"
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Charis Kefallinos
Web Developer or "cikefallinos"
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Sarah Doghri
Web Developer or "The dev witch"
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Andriana Sarli
Team Leader of Design or "Manager"
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Xrisanthi Nika
Art Director or "fashio(n) icon"
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Panagiota Polyzou
Digital Designer or "The Boo"
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Konstantina Vasilaki
Digital Designer
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Alaxandra Petouli
Senior Digital Designer
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Zaxaroula Katradi
Head of Marketing or "Director"
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Konstantina Loli
Digital Account Manager or "K.Lo"
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Maria Deuteraiou
Digital Account Manager
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Ioanna Aroukatou
Digital Growth Strategist
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Angeliki Koukouta
Digital Marketing Coordinator or "The Londoner"
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Ioanna Androniadi
Social Media Content Creator or "Ioannitsa"
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Evelina Bakirtzoglou
Digital Account Manager
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Hliana Maria Aroukatou
Digital Marketing Coordinator or "harouk"
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Andromache Siklarli
Digital Marketing Associate or "Andro"
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Konstantinos Kekeris
Digital Marketing Specialist or "Konnos The Traveller"
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Efi Kolovou
Digital Marketing Coordinator
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Konstantinos Stathopoulos
Digital Marketing Specialist
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Katerina Markou
Senior Project Manager or "Katrin"
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Balsamis Salamandranis
Business Development Manager
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Petros Aroukatos
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