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The team of DigitalUp is certified by Google.

Because of our experience and expertise, we can make your campaign more effective, immediate and with clearly minimized cost.

We will optimize every click you pay, so you get maximum benefits. Using appropriate tools we know how many in total or per month and with what words / key phrases are looking for what you offer.And of course you only pay if you click and visit your site!


What We Offer:

  • Establish of optimum growth strategy, according to your own data of your Google campaign, because for us every customer is unique
  • Selecting and targeting ideals Ad Groups
  • Research and selection of the ideal keywords, words and above keyword phrases
  • Configuring the ideal budget, including the cost / click, according to your own individual requirements and financial capabilities
  • Promote your advertising in the right direction such as for the ideal home pages, Landing Page
  • Login with Google Analytics to export data and the right decisions by reading KPs
  • Conversion tracking
  • Remarketing for efficient Audience Targeting
  • Display Banner Campaign on Google’s vast network of partners
  • View on YouTube
  • Continuous monitoring of the course and optimize your campaign
  • Transparency of charges. You will know exactly how much money you pay Google and how for managing in DigitalUp
  • Targeted campaigns in Greece and abroad in any language
  • Analytical Reports


What Will Be Your Direct Benefit?

  • Clearly more and more substantial impact / visibility, and thus your campaign performance)
  • Lower cost and greater efficiency or greater performance for the same cost
  • Optimized view
  • Minimize commission for campaign management
  • Clear competitive advantage over your competitors


Your Ideal Partner In Google Ad Topics

In DigitalUp our purpose is to keep our customers happy. Because of our experience and expertise we have developed, we take responsibility for putting your ad campaigns to Google with entirely professional manner. We guarantee to offer the best possible view of your ad campaign on Google, with minimal burden on your budget.


Why Not Do It Yourself Since Google Is Giving You This Opportunity?

The difference is naturally huge in how much you pay but also in how much and how you are viewing. Specifically:

  • Optimised targeting traffic, which effectively means a greater chance you manage what you seek from your ad
  • Minimized cost / click, which essentially means more visitors at the same cost
  • Construction of targeted landing pages, Landing Pages
  • Use A / B test
  • Better relative ranking of your ad on the Internet, which essentially means more clicks and more prestigious for you or promotional product / service.


Effective PPC Campaign Increase = Profit!

Google Adwords Campaign – What’s included:

  • Professional and in-depth market research that applies to you
  • Configuring and using the most appropriate keywords (-keywords)
  • Drawing the most suitable advertising texts and banners
  • Campaign setting and targeting of Ad groups of interest
  • Measuring Campaign Effectiveness through the mechanism Conversion tracking
  • Informative projection and hourly seminar on the campaign
  • Guide to Greek Instrumental Questions & Answers on Google Adwords
  • Maintenance and modifications (if necessary), information and support advertising campaign