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Mail Marketing

Simply and clearly, the Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of projectioning a business.

The profit and the benefit it can bring a campaign E-mail Marketing, is much bigger than how much it could cost.

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In DigitalUp we create targeted campaigns E-mail Marketing, which constantly optimize according to the needs of our customers, based on the following criteria:

  • The products and services that a business specializes
  • What day of the week would be better to send the email – newsletter
  • What times are best done by sending e-mails – newsletters
  • Which devices are used by consumers to read it
  • Create unique templates
  • Tests on a large number of recipients with A/B Test
List Segmentation capability

We can categorize the audience of our list according to the features that we consider to be useful, in order to achieve targeted content but also optimization of the efficiency indicators of the emails we send.

Examples: Username, Gender, Birthday, Non-Openers etc.

Also, we inform you with reports showing the results of each campaign, eg how many opened it, when they opened it, on which point of the newsletter they clicked etc.