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Why use Pinterest to promote your business?

In 2021, Pinterest is one of the largest social media networks with more than 450 million active users. By that mean, Pinterest may reach a wide audience exploiting the power of image and video. In other words, using the Pinterest advertising platform you can make your brand visible to wide audience that will be interested in it and then shop your products!

Another interesting statistic for Pinterest is that in 2020 there was an increase of 300% regarding add to carts and check outs!


How do we design your brand strategy on Pinterest?

The strategic design on Pinterest is carried out adjusted on the broader strategy of the brand and performed in combination with the other social media that have been selected for the promotion of your business. The first step is to create a business account.

Then we set our goals: increase brand awareness, sales, etc. It is important to know our audience to take advantage of the potentials provided to us for the right targeting!

With the right visuals (photos & videos) and using the right links we are ready to advertise on Pinterest!


More information about the platform:

Using Pinterest, we can always monitor the performance of our ads either through the platform itself or through Google Analytics.

Remember: on Pinterest, users search for keyword-based content, so SEO is essential at this stage too! We use descriptions with popular keywords while we do not neglect to update them and of course we always add links to drive visits online!

Ready to discover the creative world of Pinterest?