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You want to promote your products / services in the Russian market?

By using the service Yandex (pay / click & banner ads) that is easy and affordable!

One of the most dynamically developing markets worldwide, especially in an online level, are the States of the former Soviet Union.n

The markets of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine have shown and demonstrated on a daily basis really goldmines for online marketing.

A company which has a leading roleand is specialized in these markets is DigitalUp, which, inter alia, provides the service Yandex (pay / click & banner ads). Through this company you can promote directly and essentially your products / services in these markets.

The Yandex service (pay per click and banner ads), via smart devices, manages and allows customers, mainly through smart use Keywords (keywords), direct selling to numerous and highly profitable markets such as Russia .nΤο μερίδιο αγοράς της Yandex είναι συγκλονιστικό.The market share of Yandex is staggering. Worthy could be seen as the equivalent of Google Russia, as compared with the search engines used on the Russian market, Yandex holds sweeping 60.8%.

There are several techniques you can use to advertise your business through Yandex. You can set targeting criteria you want from a wide range of alternatives (such as geographical targeting by country, city, etc.), use Paid Search Ads (known as ppc), but also to make use of sophisticated Advertising Network available and which gives you the ability to view Contextual Ads.
If you choose Yandex to advertise your business, then you can choose from many forms of advertising based on your disposable Budget.

So you can choose between different types and sizes Ad Text (Text Ads), Banners (Banner Ads) and Videos (Video Ads). Regarding viewing capabilities, your ads can appear in search results of particular search engine, but the general course of Advertising Network, which also includes thousands of sites / blogs.

In summary

If you are thinking and want to tap into online markets in countries of the former Soviet Union, and especially Russia, which is the most prosperous, then clearly we strongly recommend to use the service Yandex Advertising (Pay / Click & Banner Ads).