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E-shop on the award Magento 2 platform

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Why Build An E-Shop On The Award-Winning Magento 2 Platform?

Building an e-shop on the award-winning Magento 2 platform offers many advantages as the Magento 2 platform, due to its structure, offers great flexibility and many expansion capabilities. Over 30% of e-shops worldwide use Magento 2 and it is not a coincidence that major brands such as Fox Entertainment, Olympus, Christian Louboutin, Lenovo and Nike use it to develop their e-shops.


Supports product input from Excel

If the input of your products to your e-shop seams like a nightmare, Magento 2 is the solution. In case you have your products listed in excel, you can easily and bulk upload them to Magento 2. There is absolutely no limit to the number of products and categories you can upload.


Supports multiple languages and many types of e-shops

Magento 2 is also ideal for businesses that want to expand overseas, as it supports multiple languages ​​and multiple currencies. Furthermore, under the same Magento 2 setup, many different stores can be built with different domain names, visuals, payment methods, etc. all from one admin panel!


Is friendly for search engines

Magento 2 is very friendly for OnSite SEO, as it generates clear URLs that search engines prefer. For example, a Magento 2 URL is in the format: domain.gr/categoryname/productname.html as opposed to URLs from other platforms, which may be: domain.gr/index.php?category_id=53&product_id=20. In addition, it allows us to interfere with meta descriptions without having to configure code or install a plugin.


Provides sophisticated administrator & client rights management

Magento 2 can support multiple administrators in the admin panel, each with their own different access rights depending on their responsibilities. Furthermore, each customer can be assigned to a different customer group and see different prices. In this way Magento 2 can support B2B sales as well.


Is “marketing oriented”

The purpose of all e-shops is to sell products and Magento 2 is the perfect tool for that! In each product, the administrator may specify additional / related products to be displayed in order to push the customer to purchase more. In addition, the administrator can apply massive (or individual) product discounts, create discount coupons or offers (eg free shipping) and take actions to assist sales boost! Finally, the administrator can set additional products to appear in the basket to entice the customer to purchase more.

Why Choose DigitalUp?

DigitalUp is a company with experience and expertise in creating e-shops on the award-winning Magento 2 platform. We do not rely solely on ready-made plugins and modules, but we modify, develop, and evolve them in order to make your e-shop unique.