Industry: Menswear

Be-Casual, Be Different, Be You!

The ultimate destination for men’s casual clothing, since 2014! A holistic collection of men’s clothing you will find online, with new arrivals throughout the year, strong offers, flash sales and a reward program for the loyal customers.

About the project

The creation of a well oriented aesthetic project with a strong commercial aspect.

Be-Casual entrusted us with the construction of its e-shop, as well as the marketing actions for its promotion. So, we implemented a project that meets the managerial needs of our client, after researching and analyzing for well planned representation of the brand through design, and compatibility at a UX level.

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence
03. Loyalty Program

Design & Development

The DigitalUp team undertook the task to implement the e-shop aiming to optimize the navigation experience of the visitor and the one-click purchase. This was achieved with functionalities such as the quick view at category level that allows you to add the product of your choice in the cart and the one-step checkout. Through the interconnection implemented by the development team, between Magento and Megasoft’s PRISMA Win® commercial application, the visitor has immediate and continuous update on new products and offers through a wide variety of casual men’s clothing.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


A fast-paced account needs frequent and regular posting to keep its customers updated on new offers or arrivals through social media and updates via newsletters. In addition, we make use of the list of subscribers in the newsletter by creating automations such as abandoned cart, browsed products and rebuy campaigns, to increase sales and recursive purchases.

Loyalty program

With the loyalty program for online customers, we enabled the point redemption system for discount purposes, we created an additional incentive for future orders and, thus, increased the lifetime customer value. This means that the cost of advertising to attract new customers is more efficient in the long run.

The Success Story

+135.57% Assisted Conversions from Social Networks

+124.15% Assisted Conversions from Emails