Body Shop

Industry: Cosmetics – Beauty

The multinational company The Body shop has a presence in dozens of countries around the world and hundreds of stores. She creates her products with love and care, looking for pure, natural ingredients. It uses the best ingredients from nature, flowers, fruits and leaves to create unique plant oils and extracts that offer the skin the best benefits.

It stands against carrying out experiments on animals for the production of its products which are 100% vegetarian with respect for the environment and humans.

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About the project

The DigitalUp team undertook the implementation of The Body Shop’s new e-shop in Greece based on the design instructions and guidelines of the parent company on the well-known Magento 2 platform.


What we did

01. Design & Development

Design & Development

The development team undertook to implement complex functions on the Magento 2 platform such as for example the product page, cart page and the purchase page as well as custom made functions in the management of orders by the administrator of the online store.

We also undertook to implement the integration of the Love Your Body™ Club reward system with the e-shop, enabling The Body Shop customers to continue to collect and redeem points with their purchases online in addition to physical stores.

Finally, we have implemented a new modern product price recording function that enables the visitor to see the lowest price in a period of one month.

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