Industry: Shoes & Footwear

Bozikis is known for its stylish designs and affordable prices in the modern shoe market.

The company follows fashion trends and incorporates them into its each season’s collections.
With a strong presence on social media and through direct telephone support, Bozikis offers an excellent service to all customers with any question they have about their online purchases.

About the project

An e-shop… synonymous with fashion and value-for-money women’s and men’s shoes!

What we did

01. Design & Development

The DigitalUp team undertook the implementation of the new e-shop of Bozikis, implementing complex functions such as custom classification in the product categories and Magento’s interconnection with services such as with General Post regarding the dispatch of orders.

Design & Development

But the biggest challenge was the interconnection of the Magento e-shop with the commercial system of Entersoft managed by Bozikis as it included the data analysis and synchronization for thousands of products.

Design  Development Static Mobile 1