City Link

Industry: Light-filled shopping complex

City Link, a landmark for the city!

City Link, in the heart of Athens, is the only listed building block with the ‘character’ of a shopping center. The element that makes it a complete destination is, apart from its excellent location, the tenant mix. It consists, in other words, of commercial stores, such as Replay and Kalogirou, of refined cafes and restaurants, such as Clemente and Pasaji, but also of the larger theatrical stages, such as those of the Pallas and the Aliki Theater. It is considered, therefore, an excellent combination of all that consumers are looking for when taking a walk in the city center.

Referring to City Link, we could not fail to note the excellent architecture that dominates at the Stoa Spiromiliou, but also the sculptural installation ‘Perasma’, one of the largest outdoor projects both in Greece and in Europe. This element of art is related to the historicity that characterizes this point, as many of the buildings that compose it have existed since the years of World War II. However, later they were shaped according to the requirements of the times, always maintaining their historical character as a noticeable difference.

It made its debut in the digital world in 2018, with Digital Up as an ally. The goal of both sides, through the creation of this digital presence, was to highlight the prestige that City Link emits, not only from a historical point of view, but also because it is one of the most secular meeting points in Athens. So the impetus for the Digital Up team was to showcase the magnificence of City Link, which was considered by us to be a great challenge to start thinking creatively. Eventually, this project was successful and City Link appears as an imposing webpage.

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About the project

The City Link project started in a context of very high standards, as the goal of the Marketing, Design, but also Development team, through the texts, the selection of photos and the way the site was built, was to highlight its historicity and everything that combines this building block in the center of Athens. In short, all Digital Up teams have considered all the prerequisites for an easy-to-use, user-friendly site, which with its structure makes it clear what City Link is and what one can experience of they visit it. Main goal of both City Link team and Digital Up is a satisfied user while browsing the site, but also fully informed about City Link. In other words, providing the best possible user experience.

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

With respect to the character of City Link, in 2018 the construction of the site took place.

Design & Development

Friendly to browse and easily accessible in terms of searching for information, the City Link website was designed by the DigitalUp team to offer the visitor continuous information about the actions and events organized in the area throughout the year.

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


City Link’s website has been built and designed with the aim of creating an easy-to-use and enjoyable site, which users will eventually love. Moving around this axis, the site was created with a fast speed, while it was built based on the pillars that compose City Link, Shopping, Living and Culture, but also information regarding the various events that are organized from time to time.
So, in the context of highlighting all the tenants, but also the general elegance that distinguishes it, impressive photos have been selected that adorn the website, which in combination with the incoming traffic, makes it very special.

Goals & Vision

Companion of Digital Up in the work of presentation and promotion of City Link is the content created on social media (Facebook, Instagram). The main goal for us through each post and the copy that accompanies it is to attract as many users as possible, to increase the followers and in general the engagement. This effort is made with respect to the style and aesthetics of the tenants, but also to the logic of building a concept, depending on what it offers.

Based on this perspective, the tagline that exists both on the site and on social media, ‘your link to the city’s finest’ emerged. At the same time, a modern communication & content planning tool is maintained between the two partners
Comparing the metrics of this period to the previous year, we observe the upward course of the website.

The Success Story

+77.37% Users

+76.64% New Users