Industry: Children’s shoes, clothes, accessories and toys

Crocodilino Shoes For Kids: Steadily No. 1 in Children’s Shoe for more than 40 years.

Known to all, Crocodilino brand started in Greece in 1956, manufacturing and selling children’s shoes. The first store opens in 1986 and very soon the company becomes successful and loved by parents and children, occupying a leading position in the market of children’s shoes. The Crocodilino technology, the reliability and quality of the products, the strict quality control, the compliance with high standards in the construction and the approval of a pediatric orthopedist are the reasons that rank the brand at the top. The retail and franchise network is growing resulting in finding a lot of stores in many cities and regions across the country.

In 2017 the online store is a fact. The product range expands and in addition to high quality and aesthetics baby and children’s shoes, one can now find other children’s items such as clothes, accessories, backpacks, swimwear, pajamas, underwear from 100+ children’s brands. Recently, the eshop also hosts and sells children’s toys of Stanley Junior Toys, promoting children’s creative learning and occupation.

The philosophy and the goal of Crocodilino company always remain the same with focus on the comfort, care and support of each child in every moment, from first steps, walk, school, party, play.

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About the project

In 2018 the two companies Crocodilino and Digital Up meet and set as a goal and joint mission to strengthen the digital presence of the brand, to increase the market share in the competitive field of ecommerce and to expand the activity of the company.

What we did

01. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

The 3 main pillars concern the improvement of the functionality and usability of the CMS Magento platform of the eshop, the creation of a long-term digital marketing strategy by utilizing new channels and the creation of content for the brand as well as the graphic development according to the brand specifications.

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


Responding first to new trends and developments, the DU Marketing team utilized new ways of promoting the brand (e.g. smart shopping campaigns or video ads) achieving improvement and increase in both qualitative and quantitative indicators of the eshop. Creating an overall strategy and monitoring the plan and the basic KPIs (budget, cost per sale, advertising performance in relation to expenses) on a monthly and annual basis, we design campaigns based on seasonality, demand, product availability and key events of the year such as sale period, promotions, Black Friday, Christmas, Back to School, Easter.

An important contribution of Digital Up concerns the way it approaches this collaboration, aiming at the development of the business overall. Suggestions and discussions in the established monthly meetings of the two partners concern traditional means of promotion, utilization of brand ambassadors on social media, photo shooting, packaging and visual identity of the physical stores, the importance of service and the delivery options through pandemic.


In 3 years, the eshop has doubled its turnover (+98%).

The Success Story