Industry: Women’s Shoes

Counting almost a century in the history of women’s footwear, Mourtzi continues to add character to every woman’s step.

Inspiration and specialized know-how, as key components, create shoes of high aesthetics and excellent quality.
Aiming to satisfy its loyal customers, Mourtzi developed throughout Greece, with over a hundred cooperating stores, constantly acquiring harmonious collaborations abroad.

Maintaining a physical store in the heart of Athens, and aiming to meet the need of every modern woman for comfort, style and elegance at any time of the day, Mourtzi invested in creating an online store for the ultimate shopping experience.

Countless choices in women’s shoes, but also Mourtzi handbags and many famous brands, make the Mourtzi online store the ultimate destination for every woman looking for special shoes and accessories that will accompany her in every special moment of her life.

About the project

A project that over the years is constantly evolving according to market requirements, to an eshop that offers a unique shopping experience.

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

DigitalUp created an online store that constantly meets the expectations of users for quick and easy browsing and shopping.

Design & Development

Designed on the Magento platform, the Mourtzi electronics company invites visitors to choose and buy branded items through the display of impressive videos and photos. Fast loading and easy navigation make it easy for the visitor throughout the tour until the final purchase. Through the interface that we have created with the ERP Capital of the company UNISOFT, we provide accurate and immediate information of the warehouse data, further enhancing the sales of the online store.

Design  Development Static Mobile 2

Goals & Vision

We are constantly working on strengthening brand awareness and achieving continuous sales growth. DigitalUp and Mourtzi are sharing the same vision; Mourtzi shoes to be a unique shopping experience for every different touch point the customer comes in contact with the brand.

To achieve our common goal, both DigitalUp and Mourtzi do our best to achieve the best possible result. Continuous communication, dissemination of important data, and action planning are the “key” to success.

Regarding the Digital Strategy for the brand, our goal is to do a continuous research both at the competitors’ and users’ level. Our exported data helps us to set up our strategy across the channels based on the market and brand needs.

The Success Story

21.30% Transactions

19.54% Revenue

39.99% Users