Industry: Woman’s Fashion in Formal Wear & Bespoke Suites

Clothes that adapt to the everyday dynamics of a confident woman who feels good in whatever she wears. A modern role model that respects and value’s herself, while at the same time injecting their feelings and ideas into the world with a radiant glow of MYSTIS designs.

Rania Angelakou started in 2021 to chart her own unique path in the field of fashion.
Being involved from a very young age, with fabrics, their unique and different textures, small threads, beautiful ribbons, and distinct colors, she herself began to be enchanted and inspired by the infinite design possibilities they offered.

A brand website and e-shop to communicate the brand’s fresh new feel and high aesthetics while placing emphasis on the company’s hand-crafted embodiments and specialty in suits and tailoring expertise and promote its uncompromising love for the empowerment of modern women.

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About the project

Our team undertook to capture the dynamism and intense personality of fashion designer Rania Angelakou in her new online store which promises to “introduce” to her unique creations even the most demanding women who have only one desire, to stand out with the unique creations they wear.

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

Design & Development

The brand was launched in the Greek market with the FW22 collection, inspired by the life of the woman in the modern city who is always on-the-go, but wants to stand out in the crowd wearing creations that exude her dynamism. DigitalUp envisioned the concept of the photoshoot, giving the brand a bold character and a visual effect fresh and distinct.

Typography and design lines remain subtle to highlight the impressive photographic material. In the new Mystis online store, photography and video play a leading role. Rigor and simplicity in design form the basis of the presentation of the products and aim at an easy purchase process.

mobile eshop

Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


A 360 approach was used by all departments to achieve a trustworthy relationship with the customer towards a new brand. Consulting with the client for appropriate content, photography, costing and pricing product plan, and a detailed guideline into the brand identity.

Goals Vision

Our goals for the MYSTIS brand were set on qualitative and quantitative KPIs.

The primary goal of the marketing team was brand awareness, to reach new users in the e-shop, which reached 6,933 from the first fifteen days it went live. Regarding the sales target, we achieved the desired turnover from the first month of launch and advertising of the new e-shop.


Our ally to reach the desired point was the paid advertising channels as well as social media where with the right frequency and time of display we managed to build an engaged audience.

By projecting the corporate identity of the Brand through video and photography, the goal was and still is to create a network of channels in order to achieve both the acquisition of new customers and the retention of existing ones.

The Success Story

16,180 Users

70 Transactions