Vamvacas E-Shop

Industry: Industrial Equipment

Vamvacas Industrial Equipment since 1935 is there for its customers providing a vast variety of tools and products.

Vamvacas E-shop aims with its digital presence to offer new services that will cover beside the needs of industries, the needs of smaller businesses.

For Vamvacas E-shop, the customer relationships and the associates are of the highest importance inventing in building relations not only viable but blooming during the years. Digital Up is by its side being a reliable associate during its presence in the digital world.

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About the project

For every special need, Vamvacas E-shop is the everyday counselor to his clients.

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

The e-shop’s philosophy is based on 3 pylons: know – how, quality and trust. Digital Up supporting every pylon mentioned above, created a client- centric site.

Design & Development

With the aim of presenting a wide range of products, we implemented for the new online store of the company Vamvakas, an extremely flexible mega menu and an easy presentation of filters that help the visitor with 3 clicks. In order to better serve the modern professional, we implemented for the company Vamvakas a system of advanced quantitative discounts enabling him to easily buy many different types of products in the quantities he desires.

The custom implementation of the shipping charge on the order page, was another challenge for the DigitalUp team as we were called to implement it based on a volume billing algorithm. Finally, through the interconnection of the online store with Entersoft, we strengthened the smooth operation of the Vamvakas company as a whole.

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


Based on the vision and the mission of Vamvacas company, in principle we wished to separate the corporate site from the e-shop. Vamvacas Shop, with a vast range of industrial products, is addressed to small and medium-sized businesses aiming at providing them online.

Goals & Vision

Starting to set the company’s goals we wanted to increase the traffic of the new online store and boost its brand awareness to both new audiences and existing customers. We conducted a market research in order to identify its competitive advantage that we could use in increasing the sales.


By planning the best strategy pursued online, we proceeded to a thorough analysis of keywords through forecasts in Google related to the products and categories of the e-shop. Considering both the seasonality and the competition, we managed to define a budgeting plan to increase online and telephone orders. Since the e-shop was new, great emphasis was put on the development of organic results with the SEO part where it was developed after careful research by the marketing team.

The Success Story

68.49% Conversion Rate

192.45 Transactions

238.69 Revenue