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User Interface

The main characteristic of User Interface Design, is to give importance to the overall experience enjoyed by the user while navigating in a website.

We must bear in mind that we do not want to simply impress a user, but to lead him to our goal. The study of the public must take it seriously.

Also, the simple lines and no unnecessary graphics site that all they do is overwhelm the visitor. In User Interface Design we use text, image, video, the call to action, to become understandable to the user. The user who visits our websitehas no feeling and has the possibility with one click to the leave it. So, we must in seconds provoke his attention, interest, decision and action.

User Interface and A I D A

Attention, Interest, Decide, Action: method used by vendors to approach their customers. In essence, we make our site sell like we are there to drive customers actions that we have set earlier. DigitalUp In addition to this, we apply a range of other techniques aimed at launching sales through your website!