Marketing Design

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Marketing Design

Marketing design is not just about logo design, image selection, page layout or unique typography.

It is the link between a company and its potential customer, through which messages and concepts are conveyed aiming at increasing brand awareness and commercial sucess.


Digital Design

Through Digital Design we create a canvas of visual elements that compose the image of a website. By adjusting the size, color and placement of these elements we offer the optimal navigation to the visitor and the easy search of information.

Customer travel is properly and efficiently enhanced by product components with the appropriate graphics, with an emphasis on customizing them across all screens.


Social media advertising design

In social media, a business can find and target users who are interested in them when they interact with each other or who are just browsing.

With social media design, at DigitalUp, we build the image and enhance the recognition of our customers on the appropriate platforms.


Google Advertising design

The average movements of the average user are not discovered by scrolling down the content on social media. At DigitalUp we aim for dynamic and attractive visuals that “catch” the visitor’s attention and lead him to a future market.

For a targeted promotion to a more dynamic audience of a brand, we choose Google advertising campaigns. With the most well-designed banners and the use of strong slogans we achieve the conversion we want for each brand.

Internet users see millions of banners every day in a single browser. The only way to make a campaign successful is to carefully select images and messages.


E-mail Marketing Design

We believe that e-mail marketing is one of the most effective tools for promoting a message, product or offer. Our team, creating imaginative and at the same time commercial newsletters, definitely has the best proposal for your brand.

In addition, by creating automation from well-known platforms such as MailChimp and Moosend, we achieve the connection of e-commerce with one of the most personal elements of a user which is e-mail.