What is the ROI; It is the acronym of Return on Investment (ROI). More… It arises from the following fraction: ROI = (revenue of an investment – Cost of investment) / Cost of investmentAlways be positive and greater than one.

An indicator that positively affect the ROI, is the life cycle of a customer (CLV).

DigitalUp interests us the whole life cycle of a client includes 6 stages:

  • Prospective client: Potential customers from research or from lists
  • New customers: Customers who purchase for first time.
  • Active customers: Customers who purchase products-services
  • Repeated customers: Customers who want to retain their
  • Occasional customers: Occasional customers: Seasonal clients, customers not repeated
  • Former customers: Customers that have stopped cooperating with us

Also at DigitalUp we inspect ROAS: Return on Ad Spead, which shows how much the performance of each operation of the business is, such as new customer acquisition cost.