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Google Display

The team of DigitalUp is certified by Google.

Google Display is provided by Google in order to display our advertisement while we are able to use the vast network of partner site, known as Ad Sense. We can display:



Can display targeted text in Google’s network of partners, which will have an active link and increase our site visits.

What more targeted? To read an article about the insulation in a blog and next article be advertising a shop insulating materials in text form. We can target with keywords and with editorial content issues.



With active dynamic banner to link that leads to our website. Choosing on which site network Ad Sense depends on our goal. We can choose which of all the sites, with what topics and what public. So we can choose about site cars and display our advertisement only to men of a specific age

These taken together with Remarketing then we can achieve great results and increase ROI.

Display Ad, combined with Remarketing can achieve great results and increase ROI.