SEO off Site

S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

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SEO off Site

The Off Site Optimization is an ongoing process to recognize and evaluate our site the search engines and to rank high in the naturally results.

In DigitalUp we apply the technique Of Link Building to other relevant and popular websites, thus we get internal links that are important for the classification of our website.The better the Page Rank of a website with incoming back links, the more important are the links we take.

What is most important for Google-2014, is the quality and not the quantity of back links.

Proper distribution and the specific weight of the incoming back links is what will give us the correct classification, which is not elsewhere only on the first page of Google. Of course we do not apply techniques that are contrary to the rules of Google, as Google has become strict and punishes anyone who tries with unfair ways and means to mislead.