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On the rocky road of the conquest of the web first.

The Internet could be described as an arena of global proportions, which actually prevails the law of the jungle, that is the strongest and smartest the one that survives and no mistakes are forgiven.

With web design rates and e-shop to soar exponentially, the one to stand out from the competition managing the website or e-shop on the higher traffic or rankings (commonly promoted right / proper web promotion) is a very difficult task which clearly requires flexibility, immediacy and physical know-how.

Therefore, web page optimization or e-shop according to what everyone has, is necessary to highlight the practical world of hard, often asymmetric, global competition.

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You Want Google Find Your Site Or Your E-Shop , And Even In The Search Results Be Displayed In The First Positions?

To do this your site must be “loved” by the popular search engines! Simply put: Most emphasize the selection of the most popular keywords (words and key phrases) that people use and are associated with each site or e-shop, to do searches on the Internet. However, the whole process is more complex than you can imagine. In simple words, Google, like all popular / reliable search engine, follows a multidimensional set of rules to be observed by each site or e-shop. In as many rules responds, the higher rises in searches. Therefore, SEO web marketing can make the difference between global awareness and complete obscurity! As you understand you must be very careful to whom / who trust the SEO promoting of your website!


It Is Not Enough To Appear In The Results Of Google! Because Quite Simply FIRST Is More “Prestigious”!

If you fail to be on the first page of searches, according of course to the keywords you selected to correlate with the site or your e-shop, then competitively speaking you have not accomplished much. And this is because demonstrably the vast majority of users satisfied with the first page appearance searches and a bit in the second. From then on, the full obscurity in so-called “internet garbage”!The difficult battle of the first page, requires not only proper selection and use of keywords (words and key phrases), but in general a series of actions, where only the correct and evolvable experts in the field can offer you.The web promotion or otherwise optimization for search engines is a science and art at the same time that few can be distinguished!


1st Page Or Nothing!

A place in first page in search engines clearly is the dream of every businessman who wants to be discerned to the magical world of the internet. To make the dream a reality requires the correct and complete (sometimes even and imaginative) exploitation of all super-valuable tools available to create a premium online presence.


1st Page = Displayed Of Course To More Users!

The basic rule that makes a company or event stand out from the competition is sure the creation of a strong brand awareness (brand awareness product / service). As for the internet, the appearance of a site or e-shop on the first page, through good and professional web promotion, is an indication that the site or the e-shop has tendencies to increasing traffic, and professional web promotion strengthens the image and the brand awareness of your products and services.


More Clicks = More Sales And Profits!

The increasing flow of visitors and the increasing flow of clicks associated with the site or your e-shop, means practical and over time possible loyalty brand (loyal customers / fans of the product – service), which in turn will further expand your advertising momentum. Essentially, the difficult task is to “unstick the wheel from the mud ‘” and then the “wheel will accelerate” exponentially. More clicks equals more traffic, more traffic equals more sales chances and profit and of course much higher visibility.

DigitalUp – Trust The Pioneers On SEO Issues

In DigitalUp the main pillar of an effective and ultimately profitable Web promotion campaign (SEO) is clearly detailed and methodical analysis and assessment of competition. Knowing the product / service you want to promote and knowing both what you experience (analysis of competitive advantages / disadvantages, PEST Analysis, etc.), depending you select and organize appropriate site promotion campaign (SEO). The detection and proper utilization of the most appropriate keywords keywords keywords (words and key phrases) is a very important strategy, but not the only one. The details and in-depth knowledge of the subject is what makes the difference and is a guarantee of high quality services which will result!