Social Media

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Οver 400 million users

With a community of over 400 million users, who have uploaded over 20 billion photos, Instagram is one of the largest social networking platform for mobile devices that allows downloading and sharing photos and videos.

It has gain it’s popularity thanks to the photo filters, and now has filters for video, as well as many other tools friendly to users.nInstagram belongs to Facebook and it’s advertisements get published throught facebook’s channel , having the same targeting options, and using the appropriate ad groups (eg having a target ” Click on the website ”).

Companies and interaction

Companies can interact with the desired target groups through a creative, high quality environment, thus causing the desired action from the Instagram Ads.
The team of Digital Up, depending on the needs of your business, publishes and promotes the information of most interest to your audience in consultation with you, increasing your followers, making sure your ads redirect to your site and creating a unique engagement between you and them, so that you have qualitative and loyal customers.