Industry: Women Jewelry & Accessories

Inspiration and creativity: The basic elements of Athena Oikonomakou’s Allover® women’s jewelry.

Allover® is Athena Oikonomakou’s love created both by her passion for travel, and her creative concerns, ingredients that were enough to lead her in the search for artistic expression beyond the limits of action.

This way, an idea finds fertile ground for implementation, creating collections of fashion pieces with elements from around the world, finally giving life to the spirit of Allover®.

Contemporary yet classic, elegant yet every day, dynamic yet not loud, Allover® jewelry constitute a celebration of world art through a very Greek creative eye that makes the ultimate destination for every woman who wants to stand out with every appearance.


About the project

Believing in the purpose and dynamics of the brand from its early beginning, we created the ultimate shopping experience for the modern woman who wants to feel unique in every piece of jewelry, before she even buys it. Creative, Informatics and Marketing of DigitalUp joined their ideas and forces, so that they make exactly what it represents.

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

With the aim of joint success, DigitalUp and Allover have created a perfect collaboration with many prospects and vision for a future that holds many more new ideas and… surprises!

Design & Development

With absolute admiration for the jewelry designed by Athena Oikonomakou, we designed and implemented the new online presence of the Allover brand, which reflects the brilliance of the favorite actress and her love for fashion and handmade jewelry. The thin design lines and the use of typography are harmoniously connected with photographic material and video of unique aesthetics, composing a special navigation experience to the visitors of the online store. Navigating the visitor is just as easy via mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

The development of the online store used the open source e-commerce platform Magento, providing an easy and unhindered shopping experience to the visitor. At the same time, we interconnected the online store with SoftOne software, further enhancing the continued growth of the brand’s commercial presence in the market.

Design  Development Static Mobile 2

Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


Allover was a challenge in digital marketing for Digital Up. As we had to come up with a strong brand based on a widely recognizable Greek actress, our goal was to take full advantage of Digital Technologies and increase the brand both in sales and revenue.

To do this, we identified the weaknesses of the brand in its digital presence and started the optimization by creating a new more friendly and easy to use eshop, while we continued with the inclusion of more channels to strengthen the brand and increase sales. The changes that were made brought positive results and now we are talking about a brand with a larger collection and more complete actions, and of course even more loyal customers, which reinforces our passion for creativity and dedication.

The Success Story