Industry: Branded Accessories

The history of Bazaropolis begins in the mid-80s, with the manufacture of handmade leather goods. What once started as a small craft, is now established in the Greek market and trade, by strengthening the number of its products and increasing the brand’s collaboration with famous houses, such as Samsonite, Chesterfield, Caterpillar, Polo, Calvin Klein, Polo Club Beverly Hills, etc. The philosophy of Bazaropolis is as follows: the best quality at the most affordable price.

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About the project

After 6 years of successful operation of, the company Bazaropolis once again commissioned DigitalUp to upgrade the online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2, implementing at the same time a fresh, dynamic design with the aim of improving visitor navigation experience, attracting new visitors and retargeting existing clientele.

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

Design & Development

Inspired by the flat design philosophy, we designed the new online store of the Bazaropolis company. Simple, flat font, ghost buttons and bold color details that bring the final visual result to life. In terms of functions, voice search, multi-filtering and automatic display of product suggestions based on algorithms on the product page and in the cart are just a few of the functions implemented by the development team for the Bazaropolis company.

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


The wide variety of branded items is an important advantage for Bazaropolis. However the competition that exists in an industry like this does not cease to exist. So, in order to address this challenge, we identified the searches of users’, that are related to men’s and women’s accessories. We also made sure to create campaigns with unique visuals and copies that emphasize the brand’s competitive advantage. Furthermore, the detailed audience targeting that we carried out in our online campaigns, helped to increase the brand’s profits. The increased revenue is the outcome of Performance Max, which contributed to our multiple Google channels, such as Gmail, Search, Display, Discovery, etc. Finally, the brand new eshop of Bazaropolis is another competitive advantage, as it offers easy and fast navigation.

Goals Vision

By recognizing the strengths of each brand that Bazaropolis hosts, our main goal is to always highlight them and of course to strengthen the mission and vision of Bazaropolis. Our purpose was initially related to the best possible user’s navigation in the eshop. Therefore, we created a Sitemap, which serves the experience of those who visit Bazaropolis’ online shop and facilitates the purchase of the products. The new eshop, not only reduced the bounce rate, but it also increased the percentage of the average basket. A huge traffic was seen in Bazaropolis since then.


Multiple marketing channels contribute to achieve the greatest profits, as the user is constantly informed about the products, promotions and possibilities that Bazaropolis offers. In order to significantly promote the brand and attract more users, we chose to use the Google channel and its detailed features on targeting. Facebook & Instagram campaigns also manage to attract a lot of users as they are created based on trends and users’ preferences. Also, regular contact and new information are achieved through email marketing. Due to its history, Bazaropolis’ goal is to maintain the trust of its audience.

The Success Story

+97,48% Εcommerce Conversion Rate:

+60,42% Conversion