Industry: Fashion Designer Brand

Designer’s philosophy, elegant & minimal creations that can be worn from a morning walk to a night-out.

A milestone for the success story of the famous designer Christina Kondova, was the creation of a brand with collections that flatter every female body. The minimal aesthetics of ckontova brand radiates luxurious yet affordable sensations. Minimal lines that embrace the female figure providing the modern woman with options suitable from the office until night walks.

Building relationships of mutual trust between Digital Up and ckontova team since 2018, the brand has shown its dynamic character against the competition. Digital Up is not only a reliable associate but a fellow member to the successful journey of the fashion brand.


About the project

Having deeply understanding the brand, the project was set up according to international designers’ brands.

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

In Digital Up we strongly believe in our clients dynamic to be No1 brand and therefore we do everything to make it happen! The fast pace of life in the fashion industry requires a site framed with character and identity that is in line with ckontova’s goals and vision. With the experience and know-how in dealing with Fashion brands, the team of Designers, Developers & Marketeers created a website beyond all expectations, exceeding the standards of international brands.

Design & Development

Through the online store that we designed for the ckontova brand, we succeeded in highlighting the highly aesthetic creations of the designer Christina Kontova, by using impressive image galleries and videos both on the home page and on the product page. The special use of typography highlights the commercial information of each product without losing the unparalleled distinction of detail in order to perfectly promote the image of the brand. The online store was developed on the Magento platform, while implementing an interface with the modern software system SoftOne, achieving the enhancement of the smooth operation and the further development of the brand presence of the brand.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


In a first phase, the Persona of the brand was identified through research, A / B testing but also the historicity of the buying public, we focused our strategy on key pillars to enhance the brand’s awareness & purchasing power.

Goals & Vision

Our vision is to enhance the dynamics and recognizability of ckontova brand based on the designer’s creations of high quality while also determine how this can be communicated as a competitive advantage.
Our goal is to increase site traffic and transaction using digital marketing activities, building on videos and images to provide unique content that meets international norms and standards.


To achieve the goals, a comprehensive analysis was carried out on the Digital channels (Social, Google Ads, Email Marketing) where significant opportunities for the development and improvement of ROAS were identified.

Remarketing strategies were also used to increase sales, revenue, and loyal audience growth.
To further enhance Content Marketing and the brand image, a special section was created “UNTOLD”, based on Commercial logic combining Fashion proposals with products from each designer’s collection.


September 2018 – until today

The Success Story

71.09% Transactions

103.53% Revenue

107.58% Users