John Andy

Industry: Fashion Brands

John-Andy, a destination with famous fashion brands!

Women’s and men’s branded clothing are found in one stop for all, John-Andy. Since 1959, his activity in fashion has made him a timeless choice and today he continues to be at the center of attention, maintaining beyond his physical store, a digital presence giving a global reach to the John-Andy brand. For two years, mutual trust between Digital Up and John-Andy has prevailed. Satisfied customers are the driving force that makes us evolve as a team, because their success is ours as well.

In terms of branding, it was necessary to maintain the identity of John-Andy as a brand, always emphasizing its evolutionary progress that is in line with developments. Then, the corporate promise (brand promise) as a competitive advantage coincides with both the provision of quality services and the provision of brands that are loved.

About the project

Looking to the future, in 2021 the site was redesigned

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

The project, based on the specifications of famous sites abroad was crowned with success as the collaboration between Developers, Creative and Marketing created all the conditions for a site easy to navigate by the administrator, always considering the consumer experience.

Design & Development

As part of our long-term partnership with John Andy, we undertook the redesign of the multi-brand online store in Magento, utilizing all the modern functions of the platform with emphasis on mobile first design and the one-page checkout. All visitors can easily and quickly choose their favorite products from the most famous brands of the market!

Design  Development Static Mobile 6

Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


Knowing that customers are now loyal to an experience and not to a brand, we build the strategy based on practices that focus on the customer through online and offline activities.

Goals & Vision

In order to clarify the vision and the mission of the brand, an online competitors’ analysis is performed, from which data are extracted for the selection of the appropriate strategy, the targeting of our audience but also the competitive advantage over the competitors is defined.

The main goal was to increase the number of users visiting the site, increase the conversion rate, transactions and revenue as well. Taking into account the industry, the modern digital marketing tactics were carefully selected that would allow the achievement of our goals aiming at a long-term upward progress.


Our ally in presenting a modern multi-brand retailer store is the content on social media (Instagram, facebook and pinterest). Maintaining content calendars, the material is posted at the hours when the performance will be optimal while their aesthetic structure is of utmost importance. With the appropriate Performance Marketing activities we ensure the promotion of its competitive categories based on seasonality, after Keyword Research that takes place. Using e-mail marketing we created automation flows, achieving immediacy and increasing CTR.


In 2 years, metrics continue to rise with aspirations for an even more profitable future.

The Success Story