Industry: Multi Brand Store

Make the Mosty Out of Fashion

Mosty is an aesthetic creation. In order to display and promote the aesthetic and the excellent designs of Greek designers, a unique and creative idea was implemented. Mosty started its journey in 2019 and since then the creations of famous designers are hosted in its online & offline store.

Leading fashion houses and favorite brands can be found in Mosty. There lie unique stylistic suggestions of clothes, accessories, jewelry and shoes for every woman. Mosty emphasizes high-quality items, raw materials, and also respects the environment. Every woman enters the special and magical world of Mosty’s fashion.

About the project

Impeccable aesthetics, style and sophisticated clothing and accessories are reflected in the light lines and clean typography of the new e-shop created by the DigitalUp team for Mosty.

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

Design & Development

A point of reference for Greek designers and their unique creations that come to propose to the modern woman who has special sensibilities.

The aim of the design was to highlight the natural raw materials and high quality materials suggested by Mosty through graphic elements and the minimal color palette chosen.

The ease of payment provided to visitors on the shopping page through the interface with installment services but also without the use of a credit/debit card combined with the implementation of a flexible and functional return form were aimed from the beginning to increase sales and the average cart .

Mobile template 2

Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


Despite the competitive fashion industry, Mosty stands out for the high aesthetics and the unique quality of its selections. Given the fact that it is a multi-brand store, we managed to attract the right audience, which agrees with the philosophy of the brands that Mosty hosts, through the right targeting. Utilizing the rich material of the brand, we make sure to create campaigns, with the goal of traffic, engagement & conversions for new users and remarketing, using unique creatives, that represent the high-quality of the brand.

Goals Vision

The creation of a six-month plan, which proposes online & offline actions, such as events, Instagram giveaways, collaborations with Influencers, construction of special landing pages, aims to emphasize Mosty’s brand awareness. Having made the specific brand name known, our goal is to increase the social media engagement of the account, increase the traffic in the e-shop and of course to bring about the biggest advertising profits, through our digital presence.


By using different marketing channels, we achieve the attraction of more users to the renewed Mosty’s e-shop. E-mail marketing captures the special aesthetics of Mosty through special visuals, while at the same time newsletters inform the public about Mosty’s new arrivals, exclusive offers and brand news. In addition, we use SMS marketing to directly address the people who already love and trust the brand and with SEO we conquer the top of the search engines.