Vamvacas corporate

Industry: Industrial Equipment (B2B)

Vamvakas Industrial Equipment SA is a leading company on its field.

With a history that has its roots deep in time from 1935, Vamvakas SA. eventually evolved into the company that it is today. With project avtivities in Greece and the Balkans, Vamvakas specializes in a wide range of products such as general packaging, food packaging, packaging lines, agricultural tools and much more.

Considering the client satisfaction, the objective is to provide the best services, paying attention to quality and relationships, a policy that Digital Up also embraces. Being customer-centric and building relationships based on sincere trust, Vamvaka’s success is ours too.

About the project

The future belongs to those that trusts it and Vamvacas trusted the Digital Transformation’s potentials.

What we did

01. Design & Development
02. Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

With a clear view to the future and showing trust in the dynamics of the industry, Vamvakas has a new modern site that will function as a channel of communication with its customers while facilitating the processes with modern systems.

Design & Development

The emphasis on the size of Vamvakas company was given through a board of metrics that reflect the presence of the company throughout Greece. Guided by industrial design, we moved in lines that fit a modern business.
Through the imposing design we emphasized the prestige and the position of the company in this field. At the same time, we highlighted the wide product range of the company with emphasis on detail and its clientele consisting of very large Greek and multinational companies.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence


Understanding the vision and defining the main objectives are the first steps to define our strategy. As a Business to Business company, our strategy focuses on awareness and seamless information of its existing and potential customers about the product categories of the company. The most important thing for the success story is for Vamvakas to be ahead of the time (proactive) in terms of preventing the demand, building relationships of trust.

Goals & Vision

In order to be able to clearly define Vamvaka’s vision and mission, it was necessary to investigate beside the competition (online & offline), which is our target- audience, as well as its geographical segmentation. Also, considering the specific characteristics of the industry, market research based on seasonality factors is carried out to clarify the best time for the promotion of each product category.

The main objective is to maximize awareness by increasing the site traffic, by increasing the phone calls and the sessions. Furthermore, our goal is to is to establish in the consciousness of the customers the brand Vamvakas by providing industrial equipment of high quality.


Defining “where” we can find Vamvacas’ clients is the key to decide which channels we should use. Digital Up saw as an opportunity the exploit of Google Ads. Therefore, the most competitive categories were chosen to be advertised based on a monthly forecast and after having communication with the client. The categories advertised are optimized (keywords, bidding strategy) based on seasonality and competition. Finally, to ensure the long – term site’s progress by improving the site ranking and to be more competitive we optimized the search engine results using SEO best practices frontend and backend.

The Success Story

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