The UX (known as User Experience) is essentially the

ultimate goal of a site or an e-shop. It is the overall user experience when visiting a site or e-shop. An experience which is complex and depends on multiple factors, foremost of which is the clear (Usability).

As mentioned above, the UX is complex.

The configuration affects factors / variables, eg ease of finding information (Findability)

on which the reliability based (Credibility) which in turn leads to the creation of desire (Desirability) and so on …

Each case is unique because the circumstances are different, as the product / service, the Target Group, etc. Therefore the experience and ingenuity combined with the knowledge, forms a strategy that is most suitable for each case and which, if properly applied, rapidly increases the chances of a more positive UX and therefore to success overall.

POSITIVE UX – How it is translated;

The online entrepreneurship as you have noticed in recent years, grows significantly. This means that competition web thickens increasingly. So what really makes a difference in shaping strategic competitive advantage is the positive UX.

The positive UX stems mainly from the degree of quality and acceptance of usability. To get to the stage of a successful «Usability» must:


  • Improve and then sustain a positive sign the Vrand Image’s and Awareness
  • Increase the Conversion Rates
  • To minimize customer service costs without risking the quality of our services (customer support quality of services)
  • The ultimate goal is to achieve a combination Brand Awareness – Brand Image – Brand Perception which in turn will result in Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty.

To summarize, if you want to promote your site or your e-shop and promote profitable products / services, then you must be designed in such a way as to generate maximum positive UX, which is mainly based on substantial and easy understanding of usability. This way you will be able to create a significant competitive advantage and maximize the visibility and profitability of your online business.